About Rowan Wilkinson/ Colour Pixel Photography

I was born in Johannesburg in the 1970’s. I applied and was accepted into the Drakensberg Boys choir and my family and I moved to the Drakensberg permanently. At an early age I had an avid interest with photography and learned the art and science of photography through shooting landscapes and portraits on film. When I attended Weston Agricultural College I started a photographic club with the guidance of a teacher who had studied photography in art school.

After finishing school I worked with horses for a period before going into the army where I was trained as a veterinary assistant and worked with dogs and horses at Burkes Luck Dog School. When on army leave (PASS) I started working for Delmont Caldow Caterers at the Standard Bank Arena and for many private events such as Dow Stein and the ANC in the early 90’s.
After the army I spent a number of years as a Food and Beverages manager for Champagne Sports Resort and the Drakensberg Sun.

In 1994 I left the food industry and took up photography full time and started by doing the Drakensberg Sun’s brochure and events and weddings at the many hotels in the area also doing air to air photos for 87 Squadron- Helicopter school and Microlight clubs in the mountains.
Due to theft of my camera gear and the immense cost of replacing it all in South Africa in the 90’s I took up a job that was offered abroad on a number of cruise ships and in the process did work for Thompson Tours and Hello Magazine where I did a few weddings and famous personalities in the Caribbean and Greek Islands for the magazine.

I came back post “911” with A new Fuji and Nikon Digital camera. Fuji won my heart and I actually gave my Nikon professional 1 series camera away and continued with Fuji and Canon. Whilst building up my client base I was offered the position of General manager for Thokozisa Properties and Nursery which I accepted and did so for 3 years. I left to continue with my photography by opening a studio in the Drakensberg with large format printers, selling landscapes and portraits on canvas whist servicing the corporate and wedding industry at the hotels in the Berg and elsewhere.

In 2010 I came back to Johannesburg where I started working for many of the clients and companies that used my photography services in the Drakensberg.

In 2012 I married Cheryl and decided to stay in Johannesburg for the indefinite future.

I shot food photography for the book Recipes from Our Organic Garden by Antonia Deluca of Casalinga and Leafy Greens and am currently shooting food photography for the second book. The first book has been a dynamic success.

I also shot the new brochure for the Alpine Heath Resort in the Drakensberg.

I have done extensive community service work for the San trust and photographed the San People in remote locations all over Botswana and South West Africa photographing their products that help to support the communities living there.

Clients: I have shot many events, vehicle and product launches and corporate portraits for companies such as Microsoft, EOH, BrandHouse, National Brands, Ford, Subaru, Massmart, Stryker, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Deloitte, ASPEN, Discovery, Shell, Nestle, Coco-Cola, Johnson and Johnson, Champagne Sports Resort, KEG, Clinix Health Group, Game, Pfizer, Sasol, Millward Brown, JSE, Chartered Secretaries, FNB, Standard Bank, Beyer, VW Amarok, Mercedes-Benz, Glenmark, MERCK, Vodacom, Nestle, Hello!, Old Mutual, Dion Wired, IBM, Toyota, SABISA, SAB, Sony, ZEISS and 87 SQUADRON Helicopter School, to name a few.

My First Digital Camera was a fuji. My last digital camera will be Fuji.


I’d love to help you tell it. Let’s shoot some good stuff together.

“My passion is to capture a moment in time that can be kept for an eternity.”

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